Auction Dates

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we have teamed up with Barnard Marcus to bring you online auctions every month.

Auction DateCatalogue Deadline
2nd & 3rd February8th January
9th & 10th March12th February
25th March (North Wales)18th February
13th & 14th April19th March
29th April (North Wales)25th March
18th & 19th May23rd April
22nd & 23rd June28th May
27th & 28th July2nd July
19th August (North Wales)29th July
14th & 15th September20th August
9th September (North Wales)20th August
19th October24th September
14th October (North Wales)17th September
15th & 16th November22nd October
18th November (North Wales)22nd October
14th & 15th December19th November
16th December (North Wales)19th November